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Are all those campaign signs legal?

Campaign sites are visible on lawns and even commercial sites around the city. But are they legal with the election not until Nov. 3?

Here’s the new rules provided by the city based on Boca Raton’s new sign code.

Q: First, if your political sign is swiped, where and how can you complain?

A: or

Q: How has the city’s new sign code affected political and campaign signs? What has changed?

A: The definition for temporary political signs no longer exist in our sign code. They are now referred to as non-commercial temporary signs.

Q: When can political signs for the November election be put up and taken down in city limits?

A:  This noncommercial temporary sign may be placed on a property 45 days prior to an election. Within five days after each election day, any additional signage authorized by the code must be removed.

Q: Can these signs also be posted on commercial and retail property? How about medians or right-of-ways?

A: There are different size requirements. Commercial and retail property, yes. Never on medians and only in rights-of-way allowed in the code.

Q: How large can signs be on private property?

A: Not to exceed 3 square feet in area, 2 feet in width, and/or 4 feet in height. The total square footage of all these types of signs combined shall not exceed three square feet in area for each street frontage. There are specific size requirements for a property in a residential zoning district with a nonresidential building. Theu shall not exceed 24 square feet in area, 4 feet in width or 7 feet in height.

Q: Do people need a permit to post them?

A: Permits are not required for these signs.

Q: Just to be clear, when do they have to be removed?

A: Within five days after each election.

Q: Is there anything else candidates and supporters should know about campaign signs?

A: Banners, pennants, sandwich or sidewalk signs, snipe signs and temporary signs are subject to removal. The city manager is authorized to summarily remove, without notice, any sign located in any public rights-of-way or on city property. Also, he can dispose of the same within five days of removal without notice.

By Marci Shatzman


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