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Are you Covid weary? Faulk wants to hear from you

Stressed out. Anxious. Worried. Boca’s Faulk Center for Counseling has been busier than ever helping people cope. Faulk’s clinical and training director Dr. Holly S. Katz describes what Faulk is doing and can do for you.

Q: What can you do if people can’t come to the center on Boca Rio Road?

A: We very quickly transitioned to Telehealth services. We haven’t stopped since the middle of March.

Q: Is this number 561-483-5300 that’s on Faulk’s web site the best way to reach you?

A: People can call for their initial appoint. They will receive a call from the clinician for more details to set up the initial Telehealth appointment. Clients can receive and return the intake paperwork via email, so there’s no need to come in person.

Q: What exact services are you able to provide now?

A: Individual and family therapy, group therapy and some support group services. And check-in telephone calls to seniors.

Q: How do you do help families?

A: This includes couples therapy. Sometimes, one individual may join the session from individual rooms in the same house. Sometimes we have a family sitting together in front of one computer.

Q: What’s the seniors call-in?

A: A new check-in call for seniors is free for seniors who want to have a phone call with someone with mental health training. They get a phone call at least once a week. This is to target loneliness and isolation.

Q: You’re known for support groups. Which ones can you still do?

A: Support groups do not require an initial evaluation. We have two: Staying Connected is a combined group of previous support group clients that came together via Telehealth. They want to stay connected. The support group for new clients called New Connections is for anybody wanting to have the opportunity for social support through this unprecedented time in our history. Both are for 18 years and older.

Q: Are therapy groups different than support groups?

A: Therapy groups require an initial evaluation for placement into one of the groups. We offer morning and evening adult therapy. Emotion regulation for learning how to manage emotions. Adult Connect for people who have some challenges forming and maintaining relationships. We have young adults for 20somethings. We have teens groups to address different needs, including a new one called Teens Coping with Covid, and one for children 7 to 10.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Individual and family therapy is $45 a session. Initial evaluation is $55. Therapy and support groups generally run $20 to $25 a month. No one is turned away due to an inability to pay.

Q: What are clients asking for the most in this pandemic?

A: Clients are very anxious. Definitely heightened anxiety in children, teens and adults. More family friction. Parents are stressed having to balance having their kids home and working. Families are struggling. It’s concerning. People are worried about themselves and family members getting sick. Couples are both working from home. The amount of stress is unprecedented. I call it ‘Covid weary.’

Q: Are the numbers of people asking for services growing?

A: That’s why we need people to know we are here. They are afraid to get help when they need it. That’s my biggest concern. This can be done very effectively by Telehealth.

Q: Before schools closed, Faulk was providing mental health school services? How will you handle that now with Palm Beach County schools probably starting virtually?

A: We were providing groups in Palm Beach County elementary and middle schools when the district was forced to abruptly close their school buildings in March. At that time, we managed to get some of our groups transitioned to  Telehealth before the end of the school year. Children actually joined the weekly group session from their home. With the help of Palm Beach County guidance counselors, our plan is to offer those same services in the fall. Children need a safe and supportive place to express and work through their feelings. We look forward to being there to meet their social and emotional needs.

By Marci Shatzman



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