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Goodall talks chimps and saving the planet at FAU

At nearly 85, Dr. Jane Goodall looked back at her life, from her famous chimps to saving the world. Literally.

In chimpanzee language, Goodall greeted 2,400 people to a standing ovation at Florida Atlantic University Tuesday.

Little did she know, in the crowd was a little girl dressed in safari gear with a stuffed monkey around her neck. Emma Sandoval, 9, said she’s her biggest fan.

“How is it I’m traveling all over the world ” Goodall said to explain how she morphed from science to conservation. Now she’s on the road at least 300 days a year to spread her message.

Humans have a short window of time to deal with climate change and save the planet for the next generations, she said.

Here are more excerpts from Goodall’s talk:

  • I had just enough money when I was 10 to buy “Tarzan and the Apes.” What did Tarzan do? He married the wrong Jane! That’s when my dream of moving to Africa began.
  • No one believed me except my mother. I worked at a secretarial job in London and two years later a school friend invited me to Kenya. I went by boat and I’ll never forget the journey.
  • When I got there I heard about Louis Leakey [the famous anthropologist.] I went to the National History Museum and he took me around. He was amazed that someone with no college education knew so much. A few weeks later his secretary quit and there I was. [Goodall earned a doctorate from the University of Cambridge in 1965.]
  • Factory farms are cruel to animals. Look at “Picasso” [a viral video about a pig who paints.] Maybe you won’t eat bacon again.
  • We tried to get chimps out of medical research because of biological similarities. Three or four years ago, the National Institutes of Health ended research on chimpanzees. [November 2015]
  • People may feel helpless and hopeless. But every single one of us matters. We have a choice of what impact we make.

By Marci Shatzman



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