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Prepare to be amazed… Kreskin’s coming to town

The Amazing Kreskin’s still going so strong, he spent his birthday doing two shows on Long Island. Not too shabby for 84.  The renown mentalist arrives in Boca for a 7 p.m. show Sunday, Jan. 20 in the RRazz Room in Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center.

Kreskin talked about his career and maybe even a movie about his life with Boca Voice.

Q: Do you mind [that’s a Kreskin pun] when people tell you what amazed them most the last time they saw you?

A: After the show there’s a meet and greet and it’s neat to see people. As I travel, I see people who have seen me at universities who are now married with children.  

Q: Finding your hidden paycheck is one of your signatures. Have you ever failed to find it?

A: I had to return my check 11 times out 4,000. One of the failures was in New Zealand. I lost $51,000. It went to a children’s hospital.   

Q: Everybody who has seen your mind-reading act over the years has a Kreskin story. Do you?

A: My most famous was at a university. I stopped in front of a distinguished elderly man. There was no check in his mouth and I was very embarrassed. Later I ended up standing next to the same man and he took out his upper plate and handed me the check. 

Q: The actor John Malkovich’s character was based on you in the movie “The Great Buck Howard.” Now you say a movie is about to be made about your life. Who do you want to play you?
A: George Clooney.

Q: What has your most heart-warming moment been with Kreskin fans?

A: I had a performance in New York and when I got there, scores of people were standing outside. The show was sold out and they waited for me to sign autographs. I love my work and my work has been a great adventure in my life.

Q: Did you have any plans for your 84th birthday on Jan. 12? I see you were performing in Plainview, N.Y.

A: I will probably celebrate the joy of being in front of an audience. I don’t want people to bring gifts and they can sing happy birthday.

By the way, tickets for his show are $40, $45 or $50. Call 844-672-2849 or go to Mizner Park Cultural Center website.

By Marci Shatzman


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