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“Let Irv Serve” Slosberg running for state senate

Irv Slosberg wants to get back in the game, so he’s running against State Rep. Tina Polsky, District 81, for Kevin Rader’s District 29 seat in the state senate. Rader announced in May that he wouldn’t run again. Both candidates for his seat are Democrats, so they’ll appear on the Aug. 18 primary election ballot. Irv is the father of State Rep. Emily Slosberg, District 91, who’s with him in this July 2019 photo.

Q: How long where you in Florida’s  legislature?

A: I was in the Florida House of Representatives from 2000 to 2006 and 2010-2016. I’m chairman and founder of established 2004.

I’m also executive director of the Kings Point Democratic Club. We are one of the largest Democratic clubs in the state of Florida with 2,290 active members

Q: I see you’re running TV ads.

A: The TV commercials will run for the next four weeks.

Q: You’re sending out campaign postcards. What else can you do in lieu of actual campaigning and door knocking.  You took part in the West Boca Community Council’s virtual candidates forum last week.

A: Monday was the Boynton Beach Democratic Club and Tuesday was the Democratic Party candidates’ forums. On July 14, I’m doing both the Boca-Delray Democratic and Coconut Creek Democratic Clubs. I have a professional fundraiser on my team and I do call time to potential donors 15 hours a week. The lack of fundraising events will not stop me from raising money.

Q: What made you to decide to run for office again?

A: The reason I am running again is the same reason that I’ve ran before: I lost my daughter Dori 24 years ago in a car crash. Public safety is my No. 1 priority. I helped produce tougher traffic laws and more funding.

Q: Talk about your track record.

A: We passed the Dori Slosberg Drivers Education Act. The act added $5 to a traffic ticket which goes directly to drivers’ education programs. It has produced over $55 million for drivers’ education. We passed the Dori Slosberg & Katy Marchetti seat belt law, which insures that everyone wears their seatbelt. We created Alexander Ware Memorial Turnpike Barrier System. Prior to this system, we did not have protection from getting in a crash and drowning in a canal. We passed a law to require repeat DUI offenders to have a breathalyzer in their car. We passed Gaby’s law, which insured safer crosswalks for children and required 1-800 How is My Driving on the back of the school busses in Palm Beach County. We passed a law that required 80-year-old drivers to take a vision test and limited online license renewals.

Q: What realistically can you do about this pandemic if you’re back in the legislature?

A: I am ready now to fight the next public safety pandemic, COVID-19. This ties directly into my core mission of public safety. I recognize this is a frightening time and Floridian’s are facing both health and economic impacts. I have 20 years of experience fighting for public safety and delivering results.

By Marci Shatzman


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