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The Important Questions That Are Not being Asked About Monica Mayotte

The Important Questions That Are Not being Asked About Monica Mayotte

Monica Mayotte is running as a candidate for Boca Raton City Council Seat D in the upcoming municipal election next week, March 13th. She claims to be the best choice as she is resident friendly. What does that mean? When asked to explain what “resident-friendly” actually means, Mayotte is not able to. She is running on the platform and idea to bring a greener, newer vision to the city of Boca Raton without the ability to implement anything she is running on.

Do residents even know what they will be getting with Monica? Many residents do not know where she really stands on issues and what she is really for and against. Everyone is resident-friendly, so again we ask Monica directly what does this really mean and how will that translate to the City of Boca Raton?

Mayotte is primarily preoccupied with the issues of development, schools, and an urban lifestyle. Mayotte blames what she says are the major issues affecting our city and current administration on overdevelopment. When asked to speak about these issues she claims are destroying our community we are left with either no comment, an answer completely irrelevant to the question, or one rehearsed, scripted and fake. There is never a solution just empty words. It’s all well and good to go out and say things need to be different, but she does not have a plan on how to implement.

Throughout her campaign, she continues to identify these major issues with the current municipal administration: a lack of communication with its residents, and an overly urbanized development.

When Monica Mayotte was asked in a recent interview with the Sun Sentinel about her opinion on what city council is lacking and what she would bring to the table that city residents need, her response was:

“The residents don’t have a loud enough voice on the city council. I will ensure transparency, accountability, and integrity in our city government. I will ensure all future development is aligned with our core values, aesthetics and pay tribute to our historical past. I will ensure all decisions by city council tax our quality of life into consideration.”

It is easy to say that government and its leaders are not doing enough or a good enough job. She continues to make a heap of promises on all the things in her mind that need to be fixed, but we have yet to hear how she plans to implement all of these promises… or empty promises should we say… Everything is a question mark with Monica, leaving many residents asking what she is doing.

Mayotte is an avid advocate of the environment, and as such, she is looking to preserve Boca Raton residents’ “quality of life” by taking into account the issues brought on by construction and overdevelopment: “density, traffic, parking” as well as “a loss of green space,” says Mayotte in her campaign brochure. The one main issue with her position is hypocrisy. Mayotte has stated on various occasions that she does not want any connection or relationships with developers, but yet has no issue taking their money to further on her own agenda and campaign.

Her goal is to end the “one-way conversation” with City Council and provide Boca Raton residents “another voice” and “a louder voice,” stated Mayotte to The Boca Raton Tribune the night of her kick-off fundraiser on November 16th of last year.

I think the biggest question we all need to ask is who is Monica really because we are definitely not seeing the transparency that she professes will be part of her city council, and what will she actually do for the residents of Boca Raton? Monica appears to be no more than a talking puppet for Al Zucaro and the Boca Watch?

The Boca Voice has reached out to Monica Mayotte on multiple occasions. She refuses to be interviewed and declines to comment.


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