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Roger Stone uncensored in Boca talk

A calm and candid Roger Stone came to Boca to talk about how he can raise $2 million to defend himself.

The only laughs he got was repeating the link to his defense fund at the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club Wednesday.

Stone was charged with lying to Congress and being the WikiLeaks link to dirty tricks in the 2016 presidential run-up. “My real crime is effectively defeating Hillary Clinton,” the Fort Lauderdale resident said.

Outspoken since his arrest, Stone talked about a looming gag order. And how his arrest has affected his personal life.

Here are 10 things you probably don’t know about Roger Stone, in his own words:

  • Stone introduced himself to the press as a “Libertarian conservative,” not as a Republican.
  • Is he pushing for a presidential pardon? “Neither I or my lawyers have asked about a pardon.”
  • How chummy is he with Trump. “I haven’t spoken to the president for years.” But he has spoken to him since Trump became president.
  • Being accused of reducing a jury pool by talking, will Stone fight a gag order? “I’m exercising my first amendment rights. My greatest concern if I’m gagged is, I won’t be able to sell my books,” and ask supporters to contribute to his defense fund. He said he’ll adhere to a gag order if one is imposed.
  • Will he offer special counsel Robert Mueller a plea bargain by talking? “Not at this time.”
  • Is he the only one out there defending himself? “My daughter and my friends have done a good job.”
  • Why was he kicked off Twitter? “I had 450,000 followers. I was kicked off two years ago. They said it would only be for six weeks, but I never heard from them again. I think it’s because I hurt Jake Tapper’s feelings.” [Tapper is a CNN anchor.]
  • How has this affected his personal life? “It’s very dangerous to be me today. Did you see the scene outside the courthouse? It was a melee.”
  • About the new Florida governor. “Gov. DeSantis has a great start.”
  • He owes money to the IRS. He didn’t say how much but said it’s hard to come up with the monthly payment plan because of his legal expenses. “I even had to sell my car.”

By Marci Shatzman


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