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Snow scholarship applications go live online Nov. 1

Do you know or are you a high school senior who needs a college scholarship?

George Snow Scholarship Fund’s online application goes live Nov. 1.

Here’s a Q&A on what applicants need to know with fund president Tim Snow.

Q: Explain how this application process works.

A: Every student applies for him or herself. They must be a high school student in their senior year and attend a Palm Beach County high school. They can also attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Pompano Beach or Blanche Ely high schools. They can be home schooled, as long they live in Palm Beach County.

Q: Will the whole application be online?

A: Yes. They can just go to and a prominent link will direct them to the application.

Q: What else will help students apply?

A: We go to every high school in Palm Beach County and do a workshop going through the application in greater detail. They can go to our web site for the high school presentation schedule. They can also call us at 561-347-6799 and ask for Channon Ellwood or Leslie Cornwell.

Q: How long will it take to submit an application? What information will they need to know in advance?

A: The application is extensive and designed to give us a real picture of the applicant. Some information we’re looking for are academic records, school and community involvement and work and leadership experience.

Q: Will they have to include academic records?

A: Not the details, but their GPA and some test scores. If they make it to the interview phase, we’ll ask for their transcript.

Tim Snow (top, middle) with the 2019 scholars. Photo courtesy of George Snow Scholarship Fund.

Q: Can they ask for a certain amount of money?

A: We do a comprehensive needs analysis on every application. These scholarships are four-year commitments. They are designed to bridge the gap between other financial aid and what the scholar and their family can afford.

Q: How can they document what they need?

A: Their parent or guardian will have to complete the financial information.

Q: What happens next?

A: We have 70 individuals who review our applications. Every application is seen five times. We want this to be a fair and unbiased process.

Q: When will the applicants hear back?

A: The deadline is Feb. 1. Around mid-March they should hear if they’re moving on to the second part of the selection process.

Q: When will the decisions be made?

A: Shortly after the first of May.

Q: Who gets the money, the applicant or the school?

A: The school gets the money. Every student will have had to make a commitment to a college at that point.

Q: How many scholarships will you give out?

A: That’s dependent on our community partners. But every year, we’re able to give more scholarships. The fund raised a record $1.4 million for 150 scholarship winners last year.

Q: What else should applicants know?

A: The scholarship fund also provides support services designed to benefit the scholars. No other organization of this kind provides so much support.

By Marci Shatzman


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